IMG_2245Hi! It’s Alicia and I guess you could say: I’m a little bit crazy, a little sprinkle of fun, and trust me I’m loud. Oh, and did I mention I love reading! Basically, yes: I may be one of those teens who loves everything that is aesthetic, takes photos at every chance I can find, eats healthy, works out, listens to music all the time and loves shopping! However, I think that reading is something that spices up my life with sprinkles and a little bit of chilli.

For the most part, books act like sprinkles in my life they always make me smile, make me laugh and they provide me with a sense of relaxation because I can always count on books to transport me to another world where I don’t have to worry about the things circulating my mind. However, they can be a little bit like chilli in the sense that they always make me feel a thousand different emotions at once and the magic in that is one of the reasons why I love reading so much!

#lovebooks: the blog

#lovebooks for me is my soda can which has been shaken too much! I have so many things bubbling inside of me: thoughts, excitements, news, ideas, discussions and DIYs. This blog is a place for me to let it out and meet other book lovers. I love young-adult and I hate to restrict myself to one genre, but it’s one of the only genres I read! Every book for me is a thrill ride and I hope I can share my excitement, happiness and positivity through this blog! I’m not professional and I don’t have sophisticated, polished writing but I like to write as if I was talking to all you! I don’t know where this blog will go in the future but I hope I’ll get to know you guys a lot better! I might even drop a good lifestyle themed post, every once in a while! Enjoy my blog!

quick facts about me: alicia

❤ My favourite book series are The Infernal Devices and Lux! (You probably would have known that if you have read any of my tag posts because I always find a way to mention these two amazing series)

❤ My favourite food is Avacado, Peanut Butter and FRO-YO!! (I mean, who wouldn’t love healthy ice-cream? It’s pretty much my dreams)

❤ I am a huge Disney Fan! I pretty much grew up with Disney Chanel, HSM and Pixar films.

❤ I love bright pastel colors! My favourite is mint green and pastel pink! Hence, the colors on my blog!

my reading story!

I have been reading and immersing myself in books since I was a little girl but I never really threw myself out there when it came to books. I would read the same Magic Fairy Book once every month and then I’ll just find another book to keep re-reading until I got sick of it. Keep in mind, I was six years old. Then came the time I was ten and then the book fair came around. I saw this green book with a boy on the cover- Percy Jackson. I read it but I wasn’t that impressed. It wasn’t until I was twelve when I decided to read the book again and then just like magic, I fell in love with reading. I discovered The Mortal Instruments and fell in love with the characters. Through all of that I developed my love for books and it has opened so many doorways of opportunities and has been the root of so many happy moments in my life! Reading has been something I’ve loved for years and I hope I can continue my love for reading until I die!

I’d love to hear from you guys. Comment anything below, I would love to see your blogs or to just chat about books: If you have any book requests, business inquiries or you would just like to say hey, send an email to hashtaglovebooks@gmail.com. Check out my other page:

If you have any book requests, business inquiries or you would just like to say hey, send an email to hashtaglovebooks@gmail.com. Check out my other page: Review Policy and Contact, for further details about my contact details and about how I review my books.


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    1. Awww! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and falling in love with it! I can’t wait to see you around my blog and I will definitely be following your AMAZING blog around- as well!

  1. I just found your blog and I’m already in love! I’m totally subscribing and stalking now. I love the bright colors and your style on here, it’s so perfect. 🙂 xoxo

    ps: I think I totally just accidentally sent you an email instead of commenting… oops! My bad!

  2. Hiya! Thank you so much for liking my favorites post! If it wasn’t for that, I never would have discovered your lovely blog! I absolutely love the #bookporn on your book reviews! I am in love with the simple and anesthetic feel of your blog and am an instant follower now! 😀

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