#mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer: “Tear Down The Wall”

Hey, guys!

Before I get into #mythoughts on the new Allegiant trailer, which was released yesterday, I just wanted to ask- Do you like my new layout of my blog? I’ve changed it so that most of the photos used are edited and taken by me. Also, don’t forget to check out the new trailer, before you get spoilt:

Before I start this #mythoughts, I just want to say that I fully respect the fact, that this is a movie that has been made with great effort. However, as a true Divergent fan, I may have a bit more than a few complaints about the new Allegiant movie. First of all, let’s talk about the fact that this movie is being made into two parts. No…just no. There isn’t much that happens in Allegiant: Tris and the rest of the other main characters jump over the wall, they discover the lost city of “Chicago”, they discover they were part of a grand scheme of a government experiment, David wants to wipe out the memory of the whole city and then Tris dies trying to save the innocent people living in the Divergent world. I don’t really understand how they are going to drag such a short plot into two movies. Not only that but instead of being called, “Allegiant: Part Two,”, It’s going to be called “Ascendant”. To be honest I rather, Allegiant: Part Two, I was so confused. Maybe it will work out and make sense after watching the movie but at the point in time, I’m not a big fan.

Now onto my thoughts on the latest trailer titled, “Tear Down The Wall”. Yes, it already sounds extremely cheesy. I was blown away by the effects, you can tell lots of effort was put into the editing and filming. It looks so stunning and amazing, yet, it seems to be poorly adapted. I have a feeling, based on what I saw in the trailer, that the beginning of the film will be a little slow. What I was confused about was the fact that they were running, yes, running up the walls. What I really enjoyed about the series, was the fact that it seemed realistic and it could possibly happen, in the future. However, the movies have taken it to a whole new level of fantasy. There is no way people could run up walls and to be honest, I was rolling my eyes. As they panned into what seemed to be beyond the wall (Chicago), it looked like intergalactic Mars. This is  a dystopian, not really a “sci-fi”. There were floating and flying pods, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I do not remember flying spaceships in the book. I remembered visualizing a place with barren and arid grounds filled with pollution, kind of like the Earth presented on Wall-E, not Mars or Jupiter.

However, you have got to like Theo James. I saw in a recent video that there will be a lot more Four/Tobias cameos due to the fact that his story has been painted a lot more since the second book and they will continue in the third movie. I honestly can’t wait. What I really enjoyed about these movies, are the characters. Tris and Four are portrayed really well and I’m excited to see the new characters, such as Nina and David. The whole “airplanes” scenes seem to be like to book and I’m excited to see how Four reacts in the film. The only problem is Tris and Four’s relationship has no chemistry and I do not know how that will turn out in the movie, based on the little chemistry I saw in the trailer.

Nevertheless, I’m still super excited to watch the film as it comes out in the cinema. What did you think of the trailer? Comment below❤

Also, I’m super excited and happy because I just watched 5th Wave and I’m taken aback! It was better than I expected, it stayed pretty true to the book and it has made me want to re-read the series! Have you watched The 5th Wave movie yet?

Thanks, guys!


#mythoughts on… Shadowhunters TV Show

Guess what was on last night???

The Shadowhunters TV show! I woke up in the morning and one of the things that were buzzing around in my head was the fact that we get to see one of my favourite series get put onto the TV screen! I had my hopes super high (I couldn’t help it 🙂 ), as I sat down in front of my computer with a smoothie in my hand to watch The Shadowhunters. Here are #mythoughts on this highly anticipated show: What did you think of it? (There will be spoilers for both the series and the TV Show in the post)

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about the show. I really enjoyed and I had so much fun watching it. However, it wasn’t really like the novel. As a booklover, one of the things we wish to see is our favourite series being turned into a TV show or movie, which stays true to the novel.

The Shadowhunter’s plot seems to be heading in the same way as the novel: Jocelyn is still taken by Valentine, Clary is disoriented after the events in Pandemonium and Valentine is still out to search for The Mortal Cup. Despite that, the events that take place in the TV show are in a different sequence to the order that they take place in the novel. For example, we discover early in the film that Clary’s memories of the Shadow world were taken by Magnus Bane and that Alec has a crush on Jace. This meant that some of the spoilers from City of Bones have already been relayed in the first episode. I didn’t really like that as it was one of the twists and turns which makes the novel enjoyable, but perhaps, they have to cater to an audience which has not read the series. I’m glad that they attempted to do that as it provides the show to target a wider audience. The plot differs to the one in the novel but its a fresh change which I hope to continue to appreciate. It’s a TV show based on a famous book series and it isn’t a surprise that they will be some major and little differences to the novel. The fact that its still quite similar to the novels is already an achievement.

Now onto the characters! Clary was played by Kat Mcnamara and I have to say I’m so excited to see what else she does with her character. I loved watching her play Clary as she is not too “damsel-in-distress” like not too “I’m the best heroine in the world” :). She played the character really well and its exactly like how I imagined her to be. She really showed the audience that she really cared for her mother and that she is truly disoriented. At the start of the film, we really get to know more about her personality which suited to book exactly. I also really enjoyed the “friendly” relationship with her and Simon. You could really tell that she only regarded him as a friend but Simon didn’t. I can’t wait to see what happens to their relationship further on in the show.

Jace was sadly not one of the main characters in the episode but I still love his character. However, I felt like some of his lines were a bit scripted but I still love this quote, “All the legends are true,” that was conveyed really well. Unfortunately, the relationship between him and Clary didn’t have as much chemistry as I liked but its only the first episode and I’m excited to see it futher develop. I love Dom Sherwood as Jace and I wasn’t very disappointed. Simon was played perfectly and he was portrayed the best out of the all the characters this episode, he was goofy but you could tell he still really like Clary. He was comfortable around Clary’s parents and it seemed like him and Clary have always been best friends.

At first I was skeptical about Luke being a “police” but it began to make sense and I actually like that. It helps to explain some parts of the novel a lot better, such as, being a werewolf. I was very surprised that I ended up liking his the way his character was portrayed. Isabelle was not as sassy as she was in the novel but I think Emeraude looks very much like an Isabelle. Maureen, at first confused me. When I first heard her name I thought, “Maureen? The crazy little girl in the novel? What is happening?”. As the episode continued I discovered that she was part of Simon’s band and to this moment I’m still skeptical about her character.

Overall I really enjoyed watching this episode. I was not disappointed and I can’t wait for episode two. The Mortal Instruments were one of the first Young-Adult novels I read and therefore, when I watched the show it made me feel a little nostalgic. When I finished the episode, it left me with that desire to reread the series without knowing anything about but mostly, it left me with the desire to jump into that fantasy world of Shadowhunters. Watching them wield Seraph blades and watching Clary discover the whole Shadow world, leaves me with that elated feeling in my heart knowing that I get to follow along the Mortal Instruments journey one more time.

What did you think of the show?


#mythoughtson The New Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices covers!

Hey Guys,

So last week all the new covers for The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices were released and I’m here to talk about my thoughts about these covers. They will, unfortunately, only be available in America :(. I know we are all internally crying but nevertheless I am still writing my thoughts about the covers but I’ll also write my thoughts on the new UK covers. I would love to read your thoughts about the covers in the comments below!

So first of all for all those who don’t know the covers in the photo above are the front covers of The Infernal Devices. Here are the photos of the spines and covers of the Mortal Instruments

Despite my previous post on these covers, where I pretty much full on ranted on about how bad the City of Bones covers was, after seeing the whole set it actually isn’t as bad as I was expecting. Yes, there may be still times where I think it looks to much like fan art but that kind of brings out this authenticity to the the covers. I think out of all the Mortal Instruments covers City of Ashes is might favorite. I also really like the color scheme as it is eye catching and give off this dark mood, which is what the series is like. I much prefer these covers as the old covers seemed really old fashion, especially with the real people on the front. With these covers they are a lot more modernised and eye-catching. I also don’t like the “ABC Family” stickers but I guess we can’t avoid that- for marketing reasons.

I wonder if the covers will be soft or glossy because the covers will look much better on a soft cover as the photo is a mellow drawing and it would look much better soft than reflective- on a glossy cover. A lot of new covers are adopting the spin concept- where when you put all the spines togethqer it will create a beautiful photo and I think that was a great idea to integrate it into these covers. The spines look amazing when placed together, my favorite is the Infernal Devices one as it looks like an abstract art of the Blackfriars Bridge. The Mortal Instruments spine also looks really cool together as each book has a certain character on it.

On to the UK Covers, which look stunning and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I think I will buy the new UK Covers because they literally look like abstract art that deserves to be on Tumblr. I am so proud of it and I can’t wait to see a real-life copy of the cover. It looks vintage as the abstract art inside each shape on the cover looks like a piece of art in church. I think it was a really smart idea to do the abstract art with angels inside as it is based around angels and is also based on lots of angelic history and the covers really convey the main message of the book. I love how in every corner in the book there is an angelic rune because it keeps the cover uniform. I also love how each cover has it’s own shape- City of Bones is a sun and City of Glass is a rose. It also has a really eye-catching color scheme because the previous covers were really “Old-fashion” and I think with these covers it will definitely attract more readers. I am really happy with the UK covers.

I honestly can’t wait for these covers to come out in September this year. I will definitely be buying the UK ones or maybe the US ones- I can’t choose! I seriously am so excited that they decided to revamp the covers because they seriously needed new blood in this series in order to attract new readers!

I hope you guys like the covers as well!



#mythoughtson…casting for Isabelle, Clary and Simon!

This weekend the cast members for Sizzy and Clary was released!!! I was actually surprised that they didn’t release the actress for Clary before Simon and Isabelle but nevermind that. Isabelle will be played by Emeraude Toubia and Simon will be played by Alberto Rosende. Clary will be portrayed by Katherine Mcnamara! I honestly can’t wait til the TV Show comes out which is in ONE YEAR!!! I can’t wait that long!

Here are #mythoughts on the new cast and what is to come for the new TV Show! I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the cast but at the same time I’ve heard lots of people who actually love the new cast.

Emeraude Toubia is the new actress for Isabelle and I have mixed feelings about her. Emeraude wasn’t the Isabelle I had in mind but at the same time I can see her portraying Isabelle. She has that nice black hair and defiant stance but her eyes aren’t exactly Isabelle’s. I like her but I would prefer if someone like Zoey Deutch was playing Isabelle. I am excited to see how it turns out!

As for Clary Fray, Katherine Mcnamara is playing her and I am honestly super pumped! I think she is a perfect Clary because she is similar to how I imagined her! She seems fragile but strong and her hair is perfect! I am so excited to watch her play Clary. She is actually going to be in the new Scorch Trials and she has done lots of TV Shows and movies! She seems experienced and after seeing a few images of Katherine and Dom they look perfect together!

Simon Lewis will be played by Alberto Rosende. I personally think that he is the closest they can get to getting a Simon, since Robert Sheehan. Without glasses he doesn’t really look like Simon but with them on, I think he looks perfect. I can’t wait to see Alberto and Katherine being best friends! I can’t wait!

Overall, I am pretty happy with the casting and Clary has been my favorite casting, so far! Now we are just waiting for Magnus and Alec to be casted! I am so excited and I am so glad that they are making it into a TV Show! Share your thoughts on the casting below:


#mythoughts… Casting for Jace- The Mortal Instruments TV Show

(Photo from tumblr) 

I am not sure about you guys but this morning I woke up to a spam of Dom Sherwood on my Instagram. At first I had not clue and I was like, “Why in the world is Christian Ozera clogging up my feed?”. Until I discovered, that he is, in fact, the new Jace for the Mortal Instruments TV Show! What? Let’s talk about that…

First of all, I am kind of disappointed (please don’t be mad 🙂 ). Dom Sherwood, to me, reminds me too much of Christian Ozera from Vampire Academy as he previously portrayed this character in the film. Don’t get me wrong, he was an amazing Christian but as a Jace- eh…not really.

He originally has a vampire vibe and now that he is Jace I don’t think I can scrub off that picture. Maybe, he will be a really good Jace but at the moment I am not getting my hopes up. I don’t think you can really cast a perfect Jace. If you have a look at the IF List for the Tv Show, out of all the fan casted actors I definitely would have chosen Dom Sherwood. I think I am looking into it too much, I think it will be a fairly good show!

As for the other cast members, I think Lily Collins was a great Clary but I know they aren’t going to re-cast her. If I couldn’t chose Lily Collins, I think Holland Roden would be a pretty good Clary Fray. She has red hair and that girly but feminine vibe. Robert Sheehan was also a really good Simon Lewis but for the TV Show I think Nat Wolff or Dylan O’brien would be a great Simon. I know this is out of the whim but I think Douglas Booth could be an amazing Will!

About the actual layout of the TV Show, I am so glad! If you didn’t know, each book will get a season (So, like 6 seasons in total) and the first episode will be called “The Mortal Cup”! What a great name? 🙂 It is going to be directed by MCG, who has done every single good teen TV Show and Movie, such as, Supernatural, The Duff and Charlie’s Angels. Ed Decter will be running the series and I just discovered he wrote The Lizzie Mcguire Movie (#throwbacktotheearly2000s)!

This is all I have to say so far about the TV Show. I am super pumped and I can’t wait to watch it!!! I am getting more and more excited by the minute! More #mythoughts will come as the cast members are announced. Tell me, in the comments. what you think about Dom Sherwood as Jace and tell me who you fancast for the other characters:


#mythoughtson… The New Paper Towns Trailer

Hello! As promised, this is my thoughts and reaction to the new Paper Towns trailer and also the idea of a Paper Towns movie. This may contain spoilers, so, if you haven’t read this novel you should definitely go check it out.

When I discovered that Paper Towns was being made into a movie, I wasn’t surprised. Especially since, The Fault in Our Stars was such a big hit but the buzz for this movie doesn’t seem to rising as much as The Fault In Our Stars. John Green is an amazing author and I really hope this will live up to my high expectations.

I believe the casting for this movie was selected very well. Cara Delevingne is very similar to Margo Roth Spiegelman, she is really pretty and seems very fun. Nat Wolff has that awkwardness and chill personality, very much like Quentin. I’m glad John Green worked really close with the cast and directors because that means that John Green was there to help direct and correct anything that was different to the book.

Now onto the trailer… I believe the trailer was a very good impression of what the movie will be like. It wasn’t cheesy or anything, it had that “teenagery” vibe with reckless and funny acts. After seeing the trailer, I think they’ll focus on Quentin and Margo’s relationship more, unlike the book which didn’t show their relationship very well. I love who the trailer started with a voice over with Quentin talking about miracles because that is pretty much how the book started off.

Cara Delevingne didn’t seem to have that sarcastic energy I imagined Margo to have but we didn’t see much of her in the trailer. I am excited to see the ratio of the movie because I wonder how long they’ll make Quentin and Margo’s adventure and Quentin and his friend’s adventure when they look for Margo. I loved how they were mentioning Paper Towns quite a bit in the trailer but they didn’t explain what it was. I love the concept of a Paper Town and how they are just imaginative but real places.

My favorite scene in the trailer was when Margo and Quentin are overlooking the city and she says that the world is made up of paper towns, people and things and when you look at them from afar they are beautiful but when you are up close they are ugly. I am really upset that they are leaving out the sea-world scene because I thought that was vital scene because through that encounter their bond tightens. I am glad they used quotes from the book like, “She loved mysteries so much, she became one,”.

This book was such a fun novel to read and I really really hope the movie is just as good! Tell me your thoughts on the movie in the comments below! Did you like the trailer? Do you want Paper Towns to be made into a movie? That’s all guys!


#mythoughtson… The New Mortal Instruments Covers

Hiya!!!! If you didn’t already The Mortal Instruments is revamping their covers, to a completely different set of covers. The covers were designed by Cliff Nielson, who also designed the current covers. The new covers of the novel will include Shadowhunter maps and each cover will display one of the main characters (So like, Clary, Jace, Simon and Isabelle). Now onto #mythoughts:

Okay, first of all, I just want to say I was not a big fan of the current covers, nor am I a big fan of these ones. Some are saying that it’s beautiful and some are saying that it’s not and personality I’m agreeing with the people that are saying “It’s not beautiful,”. The covers look like fan-art and they don’t really look professional enough. I’m not a big fan of the color scheme either. The cover reminds me of the Lux, Vampire Academy and the old Delirium covers, which all aren’t pretty because they have drawings or photos of people. It is really hard to pull off covers with people on it and the only ones I can think of off the top of my head that are actually pretty are The Selection covers.

I think the new The Mortal Instruments (TMI) cover has potential but it needs a bit of fixing up. I recently was on Tumblr and discovered that the German covers of TMI are soooooooooooo pretty:
Like look at how pretty these covers are. I am honestly breathless. I can’t believe these aren’t the American and UK covers.

The covers of The New Mortal Instruments should be a lot more professional. The Eleanor and Park covers are really cool and The Mortal Instruments deserves a beautiful cover.

Here is a fan-made cover designed by Risa Rodil and I absolutely adore this cover:d3891eedbc3e5c17c678cc188594f88c

These were my #mythoughtson… the new Mortal Instruments covers. Comment below telling me if you loved it or if you hated it:


“My Thoughts On” The New Insurgent Trailer

So this week a teaser trailer of the upcoming Insurgent movie came out and I am disappointed to say that it was kind of a let down. Happy Birthday to Shai today!!

Teaser trailer are meant to give light insight to what will be in the movie. The effects looked the fake and very computerised and not only that but it was hard to judge what exactly that scene was meant to be conveying.

The scene showed Tris in something similar to a fear landscape where her mother is trapped in a building which is burning down. I do not recall this fear being in the book and it is somewhat confusing. I hope it is not a fear they are adding or manipulating to the fears she has in the books. The effects look computerised and is not even close to the effects used in the fear landscape of The Divergent Movie. The slow motion shots where Tris is jumping from building to building are very cliche which degrades the movie. Maybe its because of the change in the director who is now Robert Schwentke.

Shailene Woodley’s hairstyle is now a choppy kind of bob. I honestly do not like it- it was completely different in my mind. I was also expecting Theo James to make an appearance but unfortunately he wasn’t.

After watching the trailer I am getting more and more nervous about the movie adaptation. I hope that the effects of the following trailers get better. But I am definitely excited for the upcoming movie.

Share your thoughts of the new teaser trailer of the Insurgent Movie in the comments below!

My Thoughts On: The Mortal Instruments TV Show!-

Disclaimer: This “My Thoughts On” does contain slight spoilers.

So if you didn’t know already The Mortal Instruments is being turned into a TV Show! SO EXCITING! We as a fandom are so lucky because we already had a flopped movie which was pretty bad. The movie added things in and a lot of the plot was manipulated badly. For example, Simon already showed signs of being a vampire and he wasn’t turned into a rat.

I am really excited but I do not want to get my hopes up because I don’t want to turn into a TV Show like Pretty Little Liars where they change the plot completely in order for the show to continue and drag on. I also don’t want the production company to only release the pilot like Delirium which ended badly.So, on the other hand, I am extremely nervous.

The information we have so far:
Constantin Film controls the rights to The Mortal Instruments
Ed Decter will be the show-runner
Each show will run for an hour long
Casting will be released by the end of the year
Production will begin early 2015
It will start from City of Bones

I would prefer if they recasted and started all over again. Besides, I don’t think the actors and actresses would want to re-do the movie. I also do not like Jamie-Cambell Bower as Jace he looks to old and he isn’t hot enough. I have no particular actor in my mind but whoever the pick better be an exact copy of Jace. I quite like Lily Collins as Clary. I thought she really suited the role she was young, red haired and had a similar personality to book Clary. I do not really know who else would be a good Clary. I also really like Robert Sheehan as Simon. Many think Logan Lerman should be Simon but I totally disagree.

Now onto the TV Channels! I have three channels which I would like The Mortal Instruments to be broadcasted on! First, I would really like The Mortal Instruments to be aired on NBC, for many reasons. One, its free to the public so no one needs to buy a cable box in order to watch it. Secondly, quite a few famous TV Shows are broadcasted on NBC. So, I think it is a perfect fit, the only problem I have is that not that many teens are on that channel except when America’s Got Talent is on. Another channel similar to NBC would be ABC Family- home to Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters- it would also be perfect for The Mortal Instruments. I also think HBO would be pretty good. Game of Thrones kicked off from this channel and I think it would be pretty good. However, it is not free to the public. If TNT, PBC or something similar gets the TV Show I would be pretty mad because who watches those channels? I wouldn’t want it to be a Netflix film either because like HBO not everyone has it and how many Netflix TV Shows are famous and popular (other than Orange is The New Black)?

A lot of money would have to go into this film because of all the special effects and the editing process but if they do it right it could boom. I am so excited and I can’t wait! Hopefully it doesn’t flop like the movie.

Share your thoughts in the comments- Who do you fancast and which channel do you want the TV Show to be broadcasted from?