To Be Read!!!- 10/10/2014

Here are many books I really want to read:

1. Ugly Love- Colleen Hover
I have had this book recommended to me a myriad of times. It’s a contemporary about a girl named Tate who meets a pilot called Miles. It seems really good and I really want to read it!

2. Covenant Series- Jennifer L Armentrout
Many said that this is one of her best series and I loved lux. I hope to read more of her books in her future- because I love her style of writing! This book is about mythology and romance. The first book is called half-blood.

3. Shatter Me- Tahereh Mafi
This book is a pretty popular book, and has had many good reviews. That is why I am reading it! It’s about a girl called Julliete! It’s seems really interesting

4. The Darkest Minds- Alexandra Bracken
This is not as popular- however their is still publicity around this book! It is a dystopian and I haven’t read a dystopian in quite a long time. So, it will be a new change!

5. Across the Universe- Beth Revis
Another Romance and Dystopian! I’ve heard from a friend that it is really slow but I’ve heard really good and positive opinions about this novel. I have it sitting on my desk right now!!

6. These Broken Stars- Amie Kaufen and Megan Spooner
The first book in the Starbound series. It is yet another dystopian! It is also a romance!

7. The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight- Jennifer E Smith
This is apparently Jennifer E. Smith’s best novel. I enjoyed The Geography of You and Me- Stay tuned for review. I read the first chapter and it is a really easy read!

This is my To Be Read list right now! Thanks guys! By the way, I will be writing reviews to books I’ve already read in one post and I will be writing reviews to new books seperately. I am currently reading Looking for Alaska and then I’ll read Throne of Glass.

Book News- 10/102014

Book News:

First of all, Blood of Olympus, The Young Elites and Black Ice! All came out!! And stay tuned for Oct 14th because My True Love Gave To Me comes out. This book is a collection of holiday stories from our favorite contemporary authors, which include Rainbow Rowell, Gayle Forman and Stephanie Perkins! Yay!! On October 28th, Atlantia by Ally Condie comes out!!

It’s confirmed the last movie of The Maze Runner Trilogy, The Death Cure, will not be split into two parts. Finally, the first movie finale in a million years which has not been split into two parts!

There has been a lot of hype about JK Rowling’s tweets, which seem to be hinting to a new Harry Potter book. However, nothing has been confirmed- so do not get your hopes up!

There has also been a new snippet for Ruby Circle! Ahhh! So excited for this book- because Rose Hathaway is back!!!
Rose was braced beside Sydney, ready to pounce. The two of them made a striking combo, one dark and one golden, both utterly beautiful in the face of this danger. They were beautiful in their deadliness,”

There has also been a lot of hype about Rick Riodan’s next book, Magnus Chase and The Gods of Astrid. I have a theory that Magnus Chase is Annabeth’s cousin as Annabeth has once mentioned about a cousin who lives with his uncle and in the synopsis for Magnus Chase and The Gods of Astrid, it states that Magnus Chase lives with his uncle. I may be wrong but it seems like a pretty valid reason.

There will also be a sequel to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods called The Greek Heroes!!

That’s all stay tuned next week for more Book News!

Lux Saga Review- 9/10

This book is one of my favorite series and I will never get sick of it! I am so excited for the movie. If you like action, romance, sass and extremely hot fictional boys this book is definitely the one for you! I was always laughing! There are aliens but trust me it is a great book that is exactly like a roller coaster. I did not want this amazing series to end! All the characters are so loveable! I rate this book a 9/10 and I do not rate most of my books at this high standard! Review- This review WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS, so from now on if you are planning on reading this series do not read on. Obsidian: This book hooked me in from the beginning. When Katy and Daemon had their first conversation, I  knew immediately that I was going to love this series. The last scene where Daemon healed Katy was definitely one of my favorites and I also loved the scene where Daemon was the blog model and of course, the lake scene. One of the funniest scenes was when they had to work out in order to get rid off the glow around Katy. Onyx- I loved every attempt Daemon tried, in order to make Katy be his Girlfriend! I loved the cookie scene in the beginning! I despised Blake and Daemon was being so protective- it was so cute! When Dawson came back, it was so intense! Opal- This book had so many Katy and Daemon scenes. I hated the cliff hanger! I was surprised to find out that Will was evil. I felt sorry for Dee and how she despised Katy because of Adam’s death. Origin: This is one of my favorites out of the whole series. It was awesome when Daemon saved Katy. I loved the whole twist with the origin babies. Archer was so clueless. The Las Vegas Wedding was very cute. I loved the whole intense fighting scene at the end, I didn’t see the deaths scenes coming. And yet again there was another cliffhanger. Opposition- The last book in a great series- This book was great, there were so many pop references in this book. My favorite has to be: “We could really use the Avengers right now, screw that we need Loki,” I loved the whole Arum thing, where the ruler played a prank on Daemon and Katy. I burst out laughing. The ending was so cute; Brittany and Dawson’s child, the happy ending with Katy and Daemon and Dee and Archer! If you haven’t already, check out the extra epilogue Jennifer L. Armentrout posted. She truly is a good author and I really admire her work!

Book News- 4/10/2014

Hello Everybody!

Its been a pretty exciting week! Make sure you have pre ordered Blood of Olympus, Black Ice and The Young Elites because they come out this week!! Guess what?

Blood of Olympus has come out early in some countries and it came out a week ago in Philippines! I will post my review a week after it comes out- so you guys can avoid spoilers!

Obsidian is being turned into a movie!! It was one of the most requested movie adaptations! Who do you fancast to be Daemon and Katy? They better get good actors and a very hot Daemon!

Casting roles for Scorch Trials have been released! Roza Salazar will be Brenda, Espito will play Jorge and Jacob Lofland will play Aris.

There is also a new snippet for The Dark Artifices!
“Emma —“

“I’m calling.” Emma lunged for her phone.

“No!” Julian said, forcefully enough to stop her. “You know we can’t tell anyone. About Mark —“

“You’re not going to bleed to death in a car for Mark!”  

“No,” he said, looking at her. His eyes were eerily green-blue, the only bright color in the dark interior of the car. “You’re going to fix me.”

So that’s all this week! Stay tuned for next week’s edition of Book News!

Book News- 9/27/2014

Hey Guys! How was your week? So this week on Book News, there have been quite a few exciting things:

Rick Riodan released the title of his Norse Mythology book which is coming out next year. It is called Magnus Chase and the Gods of Astrid. Yes, it is a mix Magnus Bane and Annabeth Chase. The name has caused much speculation for the new book, however RIck Riodan has not confirmed or denied anything. He did say that the last name “Chase” was not a coincidence. I am so excited, Magnus may be related to Annabeth.

Don’t forget to pre-order Blood of Olympus, which comes out in 10 days!!!! Yay!!

Emma Watson made a speech this weekend at UN about feminism. She launched a campaign about feminism. Some people say it was the most powerful speech.
Watch it here:

Also, James Dashner said that he will be writing a prequel to The Maze Runner series. It will be called The Fever Code.

I’ll keep you updated next week on the latested book news! Stay tuned for my Divergent review. I am currently reading The Maze Runner!

And Stay With Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout came out! Go check it out! And her other new book Wicked comes out in 12 days!

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Percy Jackson and The Olympians & Heroes of Olympus- Review

Hello! These books are one of my favourite books. I read The Lightning Thief in 2nd Grade and fell in love. I’ve read every single book (other than Blood Of Olympus) twice or more. I read Mark of Athena five times. It was so good. I definitely recommend it to anyone, it is a simple read but at the same time the world is complex like a large puzzle. It’s great for those who are just entering the YA Fiction Fandom. If you haven’t read any of the books, you should leave because the next part contains spoilers:

Okay, so let’s do this review book by book:

Percy Jackson and The Olympians:
The Lightning Thief- OH MY GOD! This book means so much to me. It was the book that brought me and both of my best friends together. It got me through 2nd Grade. Percy and Annabeth immediately became my Idols. I couldn’t put the book down. When he discovered he was a demigod, I immediately wanted to become a demigod as well.

The Sea of Monsters- When I picked up this book, I soared through it! It was really good. Obviously, not as good as The Lightening Thief and my heart did a little dance when Annabeth pecked Percy’s cheek. It was also so adorable when Percy turned into a little hamster and I burst out laughing when Grover was “getting married” to the Cyclops.

The Titan’s Curse- This is one of my favourites in the Percy Jackson and Olympians series. I loved  Zoe,  she was so Clueless. It was such a DAM (you see what I did there) problem when Annabeth was kidnapped, I was so worried. One of my favourite parts, was when Percy and Annabeth held the weight of the world.

The Battle of The Labyrinth- This was a great book! When Rachel Elizabeth Dare entered the scene, I immediately felt the tension in the air! I learnt a lot about Greek Mythology in this book, especially about Daedalus and the Labyrinth. I loved it when Rachel hit Kronos in the eye with a blue plastic hairbrush! It is now so iconic in the PJO Fandom.

The Last Olympian: This was pure gold. I could not put this book down. It was amazing! The Battle of Manhattan was so intense, and I was so upset when Charles died. It was a major plot twist  when Silena turned out to be on Kronos’s side but then she turned out to be a hero. I nearly started crying when Luke died and Annabeth was like I only ever treated you like a brother. My favourite part was when Percy and Annabeth had the underwater kiss.

Heroes of Olympus:
The Lost Hero- I entered this book and was like WHO IN THE WORLD ARE THESE PEOPLE?. I soon learned to love them, especially Leo. I was a bit annoyed with Jason because he reminded me of a Percy Jackson wannabe. My heart broke into shreds when I discovered Percy was missing and that Annabeth was so upset. I loved the whole thing where Jason was actually Thalia’s little brother.

The Son of Neptune- I was so excited when Percy was back- except for the fact that he lost his memories. My heart melted when he only remembered Annabeth. I loved Hazel’s dark history and Frank’s stick. I loved the final battle, it was so epic and filled with so much action.

Mark of Athena- THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BOOK OF THE WHOLE SERIES. There were so many cute Percabeth moments. I loved their reunion. This was one of the first books where it was all centered around Annabeth. I loved the Mark of Athena and Annabeth was so smart when she asked Arachne to recreate the Chinese Handcuffs. I would never had thought of that! I hated the Plot Twist- You don’t just throw my two favourite characters down into Tartarus! I loved this book so much I read it FIVE TIMES and never got sick of it!

House of Hades- The wait for this book was painful and agonizing! When this book came out, I spent five whole minutes screaming and jumping, up and down! When I read it I couldn’t stop, I loved reading Percy and Annabeth’s adventure! I was so upset when Bob and Damasen were left behind in Tartarus. It was a surprise learning that Nico actually had a crush on Percy! I ship it in an alternate universe, because Percabeth is my OTP!

Blood Of Olympus- OMG OMG OMG I cannot wait any longer! It comes out in two weeks! I hope Percy and Annabeth don’t die! I want this book now! However, at the same time I do not want one of my favorite books to end!

I love this series and rate it 9/10! It makes me so happy when I see young children reading Percy Jackson! I love this book so much! You guys should definitely check out my Percy Jackson Buddy’s blog at! Next Review: Divergent Series

Hope you guys likes my review!

The Last Hours- New Snippet

As some of you may know Cassandra Clare (Author of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices) is writing three new series. They are The Dark Artifices, The Last Hours and The Wicked powers. The first book of the Dark Artifices is coming out next year. We don’t have much information about the release date for The Last Hours or The Wicked Powers. However, Cassandra Clare released a snippet of the Last Hours.

If you haven’t read any of Cassandra Clare’s books, this snippet contains spoilers for The Infernal Devices. You should definitely read it. The Mortal Instruments was one of the first YA fiction series I’ve read. The Infernal Devices in my opinion is better but they are both really good books!

Here is the snippet:
James could see his mother moving like an anxious pale star among the guests in her lilac dress, greeting each of them warmly, welcoming them to her home. She had not glamoured herself to look her husband’s age for the evening, and she appeared enormously young, though her hair was done up like a gracious older woman’s, not a girl’s. When Will materialized out of the crowd and came to put his arm around Tessa, smiling down at her, the gray at his temples flashed like silver. James looked away; he loved his parents for being extraordinary, but sometimes he also hated them for the same thing.

I honestly cannot wait for this series. I love Wessa (Will and Tessa). I ship them so hard. I am not a big fan of Jessa (Jem and Tessa) and didn’t really read Under The Bridge that much. I can’t wait to see the older Will and Tessa and ,of course, their children. I think I am looking forward to The Last Hours more than The Dark Artifices.
QOTD: Which book are you looking more forward to The Last Hours or The Dark Artifices?
Comment Below:

Blood of Olympus- Clue #7- (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

So, today a new snippet of Blood of Olympus has been released. There could potentially be more snippets and I’ll keep you guys informed. Here is the latest snippet:

Clue #7- Nico DiAngelo
So the wind god, Faboneous, had warned him in Croatia, “If you let your anger rule you, your fate will be even sadder than mine,”. But how could his fate be anything but sad, even if he lived through this quest, he would have to leave both camps forever.

I kind of feel sorry for Nico, because of all the trouble he has been through. His sister died, he travelled through Tartarus alone and he has a crush on Percy. Hopefully, Rick Riodan has sympathy and doesn’t kill him!

Blood Of Olympus Snippets

Hey Guys! As promised, here are the six latest snippets of Blood of Olympus. If you haven’t read Percy Jackson or Blood of Olympus, I highly recommend these books and if you are currently reading one of the books in either series, you shouldn’t read this as there are some spoilers! Here they are:

Clue 1: Hazel Levesque
Hazel stuck the point of her spatha under Nike’s chin.
“Explain,” her voice was harder than Leo had ever heard, “Which of us will die? How do we stop it?”
Nike said, “Ah, tell the Pluto, your magic will help you cheat in this contest, but you cannot cheat destiny. One of you will die, one of you must die.”

Clue 2: Jason Grace- This clue sounds like something from The Lost Hero, however it is confirmed that it is definitely from Blood of Olympus.
Jason knew he shouldn’t look, but he couldn’t close his eyes as Juno went Supernova, revealing her true godly form. Pain seared Jason’s mind his body burned away in layers like an onion.

Clue 3: Leo Valdez
It was a long shot, if he failed it would crush him not just emotionally, it would physically crush him.

Clue 4: Piper McLean
Aphrodite’s words came back to Piper. “Must bridge the gap between Roman and Greek my child. Neither storm nor fire can succeed without you,”
Aphrodite had warned her of what was to come, told her what Piper would have to do to defeat Gaea. Whether or not she would have the courage Piper didn’t know.

Clue 5: Percy Jackson
Jason had never met this particular giant, but he had heard stories. Polybotes, the anti-Poseidon. The giant shook his dreadlocks, a dozen serpents swam free, each one light green with a frilled frown around its head.Basilisks.
“Indeed son of Rome,” the giant said, “but if you’ll excuse me, my immediate businesses is with Percy Jackson. I tracked him all the way across Tartarus. Now here in his father’s ruins, I need to crush him once and for all.”

Clue 6: Reyna
She couldn’t tell her friends how much she feared ghosts, or why she feared them. The whole reason why she and her sister had run away from San Juan all those years ago. That secret had to stay buried.

I am so excited for Blood of Olympus, but at the same time I am dreading it because I don’t want my childhood idols to die (Percy and Annabeth). I do not know how I will react if they die. Not only  am I scared of deaths but I don’t want one of my favorite series to end. Rick Riodan said that two people of the seven are going to die. I don’t mind if Jason dies because I do not like him that much (Please don’t hate me). He kind of reminds me of a Percy Jackson wannabe, and I nearly exploded when Piper said Percy looked unimpressive. Percy Jackson is a god!

Anyway, if you want another snippet you can read the first chapter of Blood of Olympus, when you purchase Staff of Serapis on kindle, Ipad or Android. There is still one more clue and I’ll post it once it comes out! Comment below your theories about Blood of Olympus:

Book News- 20/9/2014

Hey! So this week! There has been a lot of exciting book news.

On Monday, the Mockingjay Trailer came out. So, exciting! The graphics were amazing. I seriously can’t wait for the movie. (Comes out on 19th November)

On Thursday, The Maze Runner movie came out. You should go check it out and watch Dylan O’Brien, who is Thomas.

Throughout the week Booktubers have been given clues to the new, highly anticipated, Blood of Olympus (comes out on Oct. 7) I’ll post the latest clues in a different post. Also, Rick Riodan’s “Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods” is currently number one best seller for the 7th week in a row.

Not only that, they have given the lead role of Margo, in Paper Towns, to Cara Delevingne. She apparently blew John Green away at her audition.

If you are in Canada, you are certainly lucky because Veronica Roth(Divergent) and Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me) are going to Canada!
Tour Dates:
Toronto: Oct 14th
Oshawa: Oct 15th
Calgary: Oct 16th

Here is a little Clace (Clary and Jace) fact to cheer you up:
Cassandra Clare said that throughout the books they shared a toothbrush! So Cute!

I’ll keep you updated with the latest news and write some book reviews soon! I am currently reading Beautiful Redemption!